Kitchen Shower Registry

    03.16.23 | News, Articles | by Michelle Schober

    We are getting ready to open the new kitchen. Construction is well underway and thanks to the generosity of so many people, we are excited to have things ready by this summer. As we get ready to open, we need your help equipping the kitchen with commercial grade kitchen supplies. Check out the registry link below and help us get this kitchen ready to bless the world! Your donation will go directly toward the item you select. The church will then purchase the items based on what is selected.   

    Registry Items Include 

    • Oven Wares (baking sheets, pans, tins) 
    • Storage bins and racks 
    • Stovetop needs (pots and frying pans) 
    • Small wares (mixing bowls, measuring spoons, cooking utensils) 
    • Tableware china (plates, bowls, cups, flatware) 
    • Service Ware (platters, serving bowl sets, pitchers) 
    • Sanitation (towels, aprons, cleaning supplies) 
    • Disposable items (compostable plates, napkins, cups) 
    • Carts (serving carts, dish carts, glass dolly) 
    • Additional Kitchen appliances (microwave, ice maker, stand mixer, food processor, mobile heating cabinet, and convection oven) 

    For any additional questions, contact Michelle in the office.

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