Congratulations on your engagement. We are pleased that you are considering Cross Winds for your wedding.


All weddings at our church require the involvement of one of our church’s clergy as the officiating pastor and a wedding coordinator.  All couples being married here attend pre-marriage counseling provided by our pastors. Couples must also bring a presentation of a properly executed marriage license to the rehearsal. A waiting period of at least six months following a divorce or death of a spouse shall be observed to allow for healing following the end of a previous marriage. The church grounds are alcohol-free, and the buildings are alcohol-free and smoke-free. If alcohol is present on the premises, the officiating pastor reserves the authority to cancel the service. 


Please contact the church office as soon as possible regarding the date you wish to schedule. The church office will mark your date with a tentative notation. This may be done for members up to 18 months prior to the wedding. Non-members are welcome and may reserve their wedding date up to 12 months in advance. The office will provide the necessary building reservation paperwork and will confirm wedding dates only after the non-refundable scheduling fee has been received. 


Please contact the church office to learn more.


  • Do I have to be married at the church for a Cross Winds pastor to officiate my wedding?
    • Our pastors may officiate weddings off-site based on availability.   
  • Can I have my wedding at Cross Winds if it's not officiated by a Cross Winds pastor?    
    • Only pastors affiliated with Cross Winds and other United Methodist pastors may officiate weddings on church property.  Depending on the request, co-officiants may be considered by the discretion of the officiating pastor.  
  • Do The Cross Winds pastors officiate same-gender weddings?    
    • The Cross Winds pastors commit to supporting and celebrating same-gender marriages in the same way that we support and celebrate other marriages.  As with any wedding conducted, supportive premarital counseling and thoughtful wedding planning is available. 
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