Congratulations on your engagement. We are pleased that you are considering Cross Winds for your wedding.


Weddings at Cross Winds

Congratulations on your engagement. We are pleased that you are considering Cross Winds for your wedding. As you consider your options, Cross Winds offers a Christian perspective to marriage, providing both premarital counseling and a sacred place for you to gather for your wedding day. By choosing to be married by a pastor, you are inviting God’s presence into your wedding and purposely asking for God’s blessing upon the marriage.  

At Cross Winds, weddings are available for our members and non-members of the congregation. The following guidelines have been established to help your wedding go as smoothly as possible. For additional information, please contact our Director of Administration.


Important Requirements

All weddings at our church require the involvement of one of our church’s clergy as the officiating pastor and the assistance of a wedding coordinator. All couples being married by one of our clergy attend pre-marriage counseling provided by our pastors. Couples must also bring a presentation of a properly executed marriage license to the rehearsal. A waiting period of at least six months following a divorce or death of a spouse shall be observed to allow for healing following the end of a previous marriage. The church grounds are alcohol-free, and the buildings are alcohol-free and smoke-free. If alcohol is present on the premises, the officiating pastor reserves the authority to cancel the service.

Wedding Planning

Planning Your Wedding

As you prepare for your wedding day, be sure to follow these steps to start planning for this milestone. Remember, a reservation is not secured by inquiry forms alone; the Director of Administration will send a confirmation email of the reservation after the following are properly completed.

STEP ONE - Contact the church or fill out a Wedding Inquiry Form

The first step is to see if your wedding date is available.  Please fill out the Wedding Inquiry Form completely or contact the Director of Administration

Wedding Inquiry Form 

STEP TWO - Wedding Details Agreement

Once the Wedding Inquiry Form is received and the Director of Administration tentatively confirms your date is available, the Wedding Final Details Agreement will be sent via email for completion. The form will need to be completed and returned promptly. Turning in the Wedding Final Details Document does not mean the date is reserved, but it is a key step in the process.

After the Wedding Inquiry Form and Wedding Final Details Agreement are received and approved by the Director of Administration a confirmation email will be sent that your date is reserved. The date is not reserved until the confirmation email has been received.

STEP THREE - Begin Premarital Counseling with Pastor

Cross Winds requires a time of premarital counseling with one of our clergy before being married by a pastor. This faith-based course helps build the couples foundation before the vows. The couple will work with the pastor to arrange meeting times for counseling.

STEP FOUR - Preparing for the Wedding Service

Once your date is confirmed and you know your details, the Wedding Information Form will help guide the Cross Winds Wedding Coordinator with the final details for the wedding ceremony. This will need to be filled out at least one month prior to the wedding.  

For further questions, please contact the Director of Administration.

Officiants and Premarital Counseling

All weddings at our church require the involvement of one of our church’s clergy as the officiating pastor. All couples being married here attend pre-marriage counseling provided by our pastors unless an arrangement for alternative professional counseling is recommended upon agreement with the officiating clergy. Guest clergy may assist with the approval of the Officiating Pastor or his/her designee.

The officiating pastor will spend several sessions with the couple planning to be married. This will include discussions of both the service and the marriage itself. After the pastor is scheduled for the wedding, the couple is responsible for contacting the pastor to schedule these sessions. At the discretion of the pastor, additional outside counseling may be recommended.

Wedding Coordination

Wedding Coordinator

Each Cross Winds church wedding will have a Wedding Coordinator.  This coordinator will manage the many details of the wedding and rehearsal within the church building.

Wedding Coordinator Responsibilities

The Wedding Coordinator responsibilities include duties such as meeting with the couple prior to the wedding day to review the needs of the wedding, contacting the church office should a pianist be requested, review requests for musicians or other special elements, ensuring the church building is ready for the rehearsal and wedding, unlocking rooms for the wedding party, arranging guest book podium and gift table, assisting the pastor with the rehearsal, monitoring time schedules related to the ceremony, setting guidelines for the photographer, and ensuring the church is cleaned after the wedding.  Once a Wedding Coordinator is assigned to the wedding, all inquiries can be made directly to the assigned Coordinator.  Outside Wedding Coordinators are welcome to participate and help with your personal needs in collaboration with the Church Wedding Coordinator.  The Cross Winds Wedding Coordinator will still manage all the church-related rehearsal and wedding day items.

Wedding Music

Music is an important part of the wedding service.  Cross Winds has several pianists available for hire. Consideration of additional musicians should be reviewed by the pastor or Wedding Coordinator.

Wedding Party and Room Usage

The Wedding Coordinator will work with the wedding party to arrange arrival times and rooms available for preparation. It is the responsibility of the couple to arrange for the care of the property of the wedding party before, during, and after the wedding, as well as the removal of their items immediately following the service. The church will not be responsible for any articles belonging to any person in the wedding party, a guest at the wedding, or a vendor serving the wedding. Please remind all the wedding parties, friends, and family that smoking is not permitted inside the church and that no alcoholic beverages are permitted in the church or on the church grounds. If alcohol is present on the premises, the officiating pastor reserves the authority to cancel the service.


A wedding is a religious service and must be treated with respect. To keep the reverence of the occasion there are a few requirements for the photographer/videographer. Please share this with the professional if you decide to utilize one of these.

The photographer/videographer can arrive at the times listed by the Wedding Coordinator. All formal photos should be completed in the sanctuary 30 minutes before the ceremony starts.

No flash photos are permitted following the processional but may be taken during the couple's recessional. The photographer/videographer will need to remain at the rear or side wings of the sanctuary as directed by the Wedding Coordinator.

Although the church does not offer a professional video of the wedding, livestream/recording is available for an extra cost. Please consult the Wedding Coordinator for additional information.

Decorations and Flowers

The church does not own an aisle runner. If an aisle runner is desired, it is the responsibility of the couple to provide one.

 The Wedding Coordinator will help assist couples to understand the  placement of flowers or decorations in the sanctuary. Flowers are the responsibility of the couple. Decorations of any kind may not be attached to the pews/chairs, or any other furniture by gluing, nailing, pinning, or taping. Candles are not permitted down the aisle or fixed on the pews. All decorations, flowers, candles, etc. must be removed from the building immediately following the service. No decorations belonging to the church may be moved. The Wedding Coordinator will provide times for the florist to arrive for the set up.

The church will also provide candle-lighting torches. If the wedding couple desire a unity candle, it will be their responsibility to provide the candles and candleholders. In addition, for any candles being used, please select smokeless, dripless, unscented candles.

Confetti, rice, flower petals, and birdseed are not to be distributed and/or thrown inside or outside of the church. Only bubbles outside the church may be used for this tradition.


The Sanctuary

The Cross Winds sanctuary is capable of seating approximately 250 guests. The sanctuary is equipped with audio, video, and projection equipment, which must be run by Cross Winds staff. A grand piano is available for use For photos of the space, please refer to the church website.

Receptions and Rehearsal Dinners

The Church Fellowship Hall is available upon request, including use of the commercially licensed kitchen. The Fellowship Hall can seat 150-200 guests depending on table arrangements. The Wedding Coordinator is the contact for arranging the use of the Fellowship Hall and kitchen, including the use of an outside caterer, and will be present to monitor the eventWhen a Wedding Coordinator is needed to coordinate the reception or rehearsal, a separate fee is charged. Rehearsal dinners and receptions also require additional custodial fees.

NOTE: SMOKING AND THE USE OF ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES IS NOT PERMITTED ON CHURCH PROPERTYIf this rule is broken, the Pastor and/or Wedding Coordinator have the right to terminate the wedding proceedings or reception and ask people to vacate the building.

Wedding Fees

The Director of Administration is available to help process wedding fees for the couple and will provide specific information for your event. 

Wedding Fee Information